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Pt. 27, App. C
Appendix C to Part 27—Criteria for Category A
C27.1 General.
A small multiengine rotorcraft may not be type certificated for Category A operation unless it meets the design installation and performance requirements contained in this appendix in addition to the requirements of this part.
C27.2 Applicable part 29 sections. The following sections of part 29 of this chapter must be met in addition to the requirements of this part:
29.45(a) and (b)(2)—General.
29.49(a)—Performance at minimum operating speed.
29.51—Takeoff data: General.
29.53—Takeoff: Category A.
29.55—Takeoff decision point: Category A.
29.59—Takeoff Path: Category A.
29.60—Elevated heliport takeoff path: Category A.
29.61—Takeoff distance: Category A.
29.62—Rejected takeoff: Category A.
29.64—Climb: General.
29.65(a)—Climb: AEO.
29.67(a)—Climb: OEI.
29.75—Landing: General.
29.77—Landing decision point: Category A.
29.79—Landing: Category A.
29.81—Landing distance (Ground level sites): Category A.
29.85—Balked landing: Category A.
29.87(a)—Height-velocity envelope.
29.547(a) and (b)—Main and tail rotor structure.
29.861(a)—Fire protection of structure, controls, and other parts.
29.901(c)—Powerplant: Installation.
29.903(b) (c) and (e)—Engines.
29.908(a)—Cooling fans.
29.917(b) and (c)(1)—Rotor drive system: Design.
29.927(c)(1)—Additional tests.
29.953(a)—Fuel system independence.
29.1027(a)—Transmission and gearboxes: General.
29.1045(a)(1), (b), (c), (d), and (f)—Climb cooling test procedures.
29.1047(a)—Takeoff cooling test procedures.
29.1181(a)—Designated fire zones: Regions included.
29.1187(e)—Drainage and ventilation of fire zones.
29.1189(c)—Shutoff means.
29.1193(e)—Cowling and engine compartment covering.
29.1195(a) and (d)—Fire extinguishing systems (one shot).
29.1197—Fire extinguishing agents.
29.1199—Extinguishing agent containers.
29.1201—Fire extinguishing system materials.
29.1305(a) (6) and (b)—Powerplant instruments.
29.1309(b)(2) (i) and (d)—Equipment, systems, and installations.
29.1323(c)(1)—Airspeed indicating system.
29.1331(b)—Instruments using a power supply.
29.1351(d)(2)—Electrical systems and equipment: General (operation without normal electrical power).
29.1587(a)—Performance information.
In complying with the paragraphs listed in paragraph C27.2 above, relevant material in the AC “Certification of Transport Category Rotorcraft” should be used.
[Doc. No. 28008, 61 FR 21907, May 10, 1996]