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§ 1300.15
Loan terms.
(a) A loan guaranteed under the program shall be due and payable in full no later than seven years from the date on which the first disbursement of the loan is made.
(b) Loans guaranteed under the program must bear a rate of interest determined by the Board to be reasonable. In determining the reasonableness of an interest rate, the Board shall consider the percentage of the guarantee, any collateral, other loan terms, and current average yields on outstanding obligations of the United States with maturity comparable to the term of the loan guaranteed. The Board may reject an application to guarantee a loan if it determines the interest rate on such loan to be unreasonable.
(c) An eligible lender may assess and collect from the borrower such other fees and costs associated with the application and origination of the loan as are reasonable and customary, taking into consideration the amount and complexity of the credit. The Board may take such other fees and costs into consideration when determining whether to offer a guarantee to the lender.