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§ 139.329
Pedestrians and ground vehicles.
In a manner authorized by the Administrator, each certificate holder must—
(a) Limit access to movement areas and safety areas only to those pedestrians and ground vehicles necessary for airport operations;
(b) Establish and implement procedures for the safe and orderly access to and operation in movement areas and safety areas by pedestrians and ground vehicles, including provisions identifying the consequences of noncompliance with the procedures by all persons;
(c) When an air traffic control tower is in operation, ensure that each pedestrian and ground vehicle in movement areas or safety areas is controlled by one of the following:
(1) Two-way radio communications between each pedestrian or vehicle and the tower;
(2) An escort with two-way radio communications with the tower accompanying any pedestrian or vehicle without a radio; or
(3) Measures authorized by the Administrator for controlling pedestrians and vehicles, such as signs, signals, or guards, when it is not operationally practical to have two-way radio communications between the tower and the pedestrian, vehicle, or escort;
(d) When an air traffic control tower is not in operation, or there is no air traffic control tower, provide adequate procedures to control pedestrians and ground vehicles in movement areas or safety areas through two-way radio communications or prearranged signs or signals;
(e) Ensure that all persons are trained on procedures required under paragraph (b) of this section prior to the initial performance of such duties and at least once every 12 consecutive calendar months, including consequences of noncompliance, prior to moving on foot, or operating a ground vehicle, in movement areas or safety areas; and
(f) Maintain the following records:
(1) A description and date of training completed after June 9, 2004 by each individual in compliance with this section. A record for each individual must be maintained for 24 consecutive months after the termination of an individual's access to movement areas and safety areas.
(2) A description and date of any accidents or incidents in the movement areas and safety areas involving air carrier aircraft, a ground vehicle or a pedestrian. Records of each accident or incident occurring after the June 9, 2004 must be maintained for 12 consecutive calendar months from the date of the accident or incident.
[Doc. No. FAA-2000-7479, 69 FR 6424, Feb. 10, 2004, as amended by Amdt. 139-27, 78 FR 3316, Jan. 16, 2013]