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§ 151.27
Procedures: Application, plans, specifications, and appraisals.
(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, each sponsor shall incorporate by reference in its project application the final plans and specifications, describing the items of airport development for which it requests United States aid. It must submit the plans and specifications with the application unless they were previously submitted or are submitted with that of another sponsor of the project.
(b) In special cases, the Administrator authorizes the postponement of the submission of final plans and specifications until a later date to be specified in the grant agreement, if the sponsor has submitted—
(1) An airport layout plan approved by the Administrator; and
(2) Preliminary plans and specifications in enough detail to identify all items of development included in the project, and prepared so as to provide for accomplishing the project in accordance with the master plan layout, the rules in subparts B and C and applicable local laws and regulations.
(c) If the project involves acquiring a property interest in land by donation, or at a cost that (as represented by the sponsor) is not the actual cost or the amount of an award in eminent domain proceedings, the Administrator, before passing on the eligibility of the project makes or obtains an appraisal of the interest. If the appraised value is less than the value placed on the interest by the sponsor (§ 151.23), the Administrator notifies the sponsor that he may within a stated time, ask in writing for reconsideration of the appraisal and submit statements of pertinent facts and opinion.
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