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§ 133.21
(a) The applicant must hold, or have available the services of at least one person who holds, a current commercial or airline transport pilot certificate, with a rating appropriate for the rotorcraft prescribed in § 133.19, issued by the Administrator.
(b) The applicant must designate one pilot, who may be the applicant, as chief pilot for rotorcraft external-load operations. The applicant also may designate qualified pilots as assistant chief pilots to perform the functions of the chief pilot when the chief pilot is not readily available. The chief pilot and assistant chief pilots must be acceptable to the Administrator and each must hold a current Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, with a rating appropriate for the rotorcraft prescribed in § 133.19.
(c) The holder of a Rotorcraft External-Load Operator Certificate shall report any change in designation of chief pilot or assistant chief pilot immediately to the FAA certificate-holding office. The new chief pilot must be designated and must comply with § 133.23 within 30 days or the operator may not conduct further operations under the Rotorcraft External-Load Operator Certificate unless otherwise authorized by the FAA certificate-holding office.
[Doc. No. 1529, 29 FR 603, Jan. 24, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 133-9, 51 FR 40707, Nov. 7, 1986]