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§ 133.47
Rotorcraft-load combination flight manual.
The applicant must prepare a Rotorcraft-Load Combination Flight Manual and submit it for approval by the Administrator. The manual must be prepared in accordance with the rotorcraft flight manual provisions of subpart G of part 27 or 29 of this chapter, whichever is applicable. The limiting height-speed envelope data need not be listed as operating limitations. The manual must set forth—
(a) Operating limitations, procedures (normal and emergency), performance, and other information established under this subpart;
(b) The class of rotorcraft-load combinations for which the airworthiness of the rotorcraft has been demonstrated in accordance with §§ 133.41 and 133.43; and
(c) In the information section of the Rotorcraft-Load Combination Flight Manual—
(1) Information on any peculiarities discovered when operating particular rotorcraft-load combinations;
(2) Precautionary advice regarding static electricity discharges for Class B, Class C, and Class D rotorcraft-load combinations; and
(3) Any other information essential for safe operation with external loads.
[Doc. No. 1529, 29 FR 603, Jan. 24, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 133-9, 51 FR 40709, Nov. 7, 1986]