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§ 158.65
Reporting requirements: Collecting air carriers.
(a) Each air carrier collecting PFCs for a public agency must provide quarterly reports to the public agency unless otherwise agreed by the collecting air carrier and public agency, providing an accounting of funds collected and funds remitted.
(1) Unless otherwise agreed by the collecting air carrier and public agency, reports must state:
(i) The collecting air carrier and airport involved,
(ii) The total PFC revenue collected,
(iii) The total PFC revenue refunded to passengers,
(iv) The collected revenue withheld for reimbursement of expenses under § 158.53, and
(v) The dates and amounts of each remittance for the quarter.
(2) The report must be filed by the last day of the month following the calendar quarter or other period agreed by the collecting carrier and public agency for which funds were collected.
(b) A covered air carrier must provide the FAA with:
(1) A copy of its quarterly report by the established schedule under paragraph (a) of this section; and
(2) A monthly PFC account statement delivered not later than the fifth day of the following month. This monthly statement must include:
(i) The balance in the account on the first day of the month,
(ii) The total funds deposited during the month,
(iii) The total funds disbursed during the month, and
(iv) The closing balance in the account.
[Doc. No. FAA-2006-23730, 72 FR 28851, May 23, 2007]