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§ 415.101
Scope and applicability.
(a) This subpart F contains requirements that an applicant must meet to obtain a safety approval when applying for a license to launch an expendable launch vehicle from a non-Federal launch site. This subpart also contains administrative requirements for a safety review, such as when and how an applicant files the required information, and the requirements for the form and content of each submission.
(b) The requirements of this subpart apply to both orbital and suborbital expendable launch vehicles.
(c) An applicant must demonstrate, through the material filed with the FAA, its ability to comply with the requirements of part 417 of this chapter. To facilitate production of the information required by this subpart, an applicant should become familiar with the requirements of part 417 of this chapter.
(d) For a launch from an exclusive use launch site, where there is no licensed launch site operator, a launch operator must satisfy the requirements of this part and the public safety application requirements of part 420 of this chapter.