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§ 212.4
Authorized charter types.
Certificated and foreign air carriers may conduct the following charter types, subject to the provisions of this part:
(a) Affinity (pro rata) charters.
(b) Single entity charters, including:
(1) Wet leases involving the carriage of passengers and/or cargo, provided, that the wet lessee holds appropriate economic authority from the Department to conduct the proposed operations; and
(2) Charters pursuant to contracts with the Department of Defense, provided, that foreign air carriers may conduct charters for the Department of Defense only to the extent that such operations are consistent with the provisions of 49 U.S.C. 40118.
(c) Mixed charters.
(d) Gambling junket charters.
(e) Public Charters in accordance with part 380 of this chapter (including operations by educational institutions as defined in that part).
(f) Overseas military personnel charters in accordance with part 372 of this chapter.
(g) Cargo charters.