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§ 65.115
Senior parachute rigger certificate: Experience, knowledge, and skill requirements.
Except as provided in § 65.117, an applicant for a senior parachute rigger certificate must—
(a) Present evidence satisfactory to the Administrator that he has packed at least 20 parachutes of each type for which he seeks a rating, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and under the supervision of a certificated parachute rigger holding a rating for that type or a person holding an appropriate military rating;
(b) Pass a written test, with respect to parachutes in common use, on—
(1) Their construction, packing, and maintenance;
(2) The manufacturer's instructions;
(3) The regulations of this subpart; and
(c) Pass an oral and practical test showing his ability to pack and maintain at least one type of parachute in common use, appropriate to the type rating he seeks.
[Doc. No. 10468, 37 FR 13251, July 6, 1972]