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§ 205.3
Basic requirements.
(a) A U.S. or foreign direct air carrier shall not engage in air transportation unless it has in effect aircraft accident liability insurance coverage that meets the requirements of this part for its air carrier or foreign air carrier operations. The minimum amounts of coverage required by this part may be provided either by insurance policies or by self-insurance plans. The currently effective policy of insurance or complete plan for self-insurance shall be available for inspection by the Department at the carrier's principal place of business. The current certificate of insurance or a summary of the complete self-insurance plan on file with the Department, as required by § 205.4, shall be available for public inspection at the carrier's principal place of business.
(b) For purposes of this part, a certificate of insurance is one or more certificates showing insurance by one or more insurers (excluding reinsurers) of currently effective and properly endorsed policies of aircraft accident liability insurance in compliance with this part. When more than one such insurer is providing coverage, the limits and types of liability assumed by each insurer (excluding reinsurers) shall be clearly stated in the certificate of insurance. Insurance policies and self-insurance plans named in a certificate of insurance that accompanies an application for initial registration or for operating authority shall become effective not later than the proposed starting date for air carrier operations as shown in the application.
(c) The certificate of insurance shall list the types or classes of aircraft, or the specific aircraft by FAA or foreign government registration number, with respect to which the policy of insurance applies, or shall state that the policy applies to all aircraft owned or operated by the carrier in its air transportation operations. With respect to certificates of insurance that list aircraft by government registration number, the policy or self-insurance plan shall state that, while an aircraft owned or leased by the carrier and declared in the policy is withdrawn from normal use because of its breakdown, repair, or servicing, such insurance as is provided by the policy or plan for that aircraft shall apply also to another aircraft of similar type, horsepower, and seating capacity, whether or not owned by the insured, while temporarily used as a substitute aircraft.
(d) Each certificate of insurance shall be signed by an authorized officer, agent, or other representative of the insurer or the insurance broker.
(e) Insurance coverage to meet the requirements of this part shall be obtained from one or more of the following:
(1) An insurer licensed to issue aircraft accident liability policies in any State, Commonwealth, or Territory of the United States, or in the District of Columbia;
(2) Surplus line insurers named on a current list of such insurers issued and approved by the insurance regulatory authority of any State, Commonwealth, or Territory of the United States or of the District of Columbia; or
(3) Insurers licensed or approved by a foreign government.
This requirement may be waived by the Department in the public interest.
[ER-1253, 46 FR 52577, Oct. 27, 1981, as amended by Doc. No. 47939, 57 FR 40100, Sept. 2, 1992]