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§ 414.21
Terms and conditions for issuing a safety approval; duration of a safety approval.
(a) The FAA will issue a safety approval to an applicant that meets all the requirements under this part.
(b) The scope of the safety approval will be limited by the scope of the safety demonstration contained in the application on which the FAA based the decision to grant the safety approval.
(c) The FAA will determine specific terms and conditions of a safety approval individually, limiting the safety approval to the scope for which the safety-approved launch or reentry element was approved. The terms and conditions will include reporting requirements tailored to the individual safety approval.
(d) A safety approval is valid for five years and may be renewed.
(e) If the FAA denies the application, the applicant may correct any deficiency the FAA identified and request a reconsideration of the revised application. The applicant also has the right to appeal a denial as set forth in subpart D of this part.