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§ 11.77
Is there any additional information I must include in my petition for designating airspace?
In petitions asking FAA to establish, amend, or repeal a designation of airspace, including special use airspace, you must include all the information specified by § 11.71 and also:
(a) The location and a description of the airspace you want assigned or designated;
(b) A complete description of the activity or use to be made of that airspace, including a detailed description of the type, volume, duration, time, and place of the operations to be conducted in the area;
(c) A description of the air navigation, air traffic control, surveillance, and communication facilities available and to be provided if we grant the designation; and
(d) The name and location of the agency, office, facility, or person who would have authority to permit the use of the airspace when it was not in use for the purpose to which you want it assigned.