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§ 302.506
Complaints requesting suspension of tariffs; answers to such complaints.
(a) Formal complaints seeking suspension of tariffs pursuant to section 41509 of the Statute shall fully identify the tariff and include reference to:
(1) The issued or posting date,
(2) The effective date,
(3) The name of the publishing carrier or agent,
(4) The Department number, and
(5) Specific items or particular provisions protested or complained against. The complaint should indicate in what respect the tariff is considered to be unlawful, and state what complainant suggests by way of substitution.
(b) A complaint requesting suspension of a tariff ordinarily will not be considered unless made in conformity with this section and filed no more than ten (10) days after the issued date contained within such tariff.
(c) A complaint requesting suspension, pursuant to section 41509 of the Statute, of an existing tariff for foreign air transportation may be filed at any time. However, such a complaint must be accompanied by a statement setting forth compelling reasons for not having requested suspension within the time limitations provided in paragraph (b) of this section.
(d) In an emergency satisfactorily shown by the complainant, and within the time limits herein provided, a complaint may be sent by facsimile, telegram, or electronic mail (when available) to the Department and to the carrier against whose tariff provision the complaint is made. Such complaint shall state the grounds relied upon, and must be confirmed in writing within three (3) business days and filed and served in accordance with this part.
(e) Answers to complaints shall be filed within six (6) working days after the complaint is filed.