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§ 294.22
Notification to the Department of change in operations or identifying information.
Registrants shall refile a copy of OST Form 4505 with the Department's Office of International Aviation, Special Authorities Division, upon any of the following events. The refiling shall be sent by electronic mail, or other means, so as to be received by the Department not later than 30 days after the reported event has occurred.
(a) The carrier changes its name. When a carrier refiles OST Form 4505 to indicate a change of name:
(1) A registration ceases to be in effect unless the Government of Canada amends the registrant's Air Carrier Operating Certificate to reflect the registrant's new name within 60 days of the name change and the registrant submits to the Department a copy of its amended Canadian authority.
(2) The registrant must also refile three copies of Agreement 18900 (OST Form 4523) under its new name;
(3) The registrant must also refile its certificate of insurance under its new name; and
(4) The registrant must also advise the appropriate FAA office referred to in § 294.33 of the carrier's new name.
(b) The carrier changes its designated agent.
(c) A change occurs in the carrier's ownership and control resulting in a person acquiring a beneficial or voting interest in the registrant of 10 percent or more. The name(s), address(es), citizenship(s), and percentages of ownership of the new owners shall be indicated on the form. Acquisition of ownership interest by persons who are not citizens of the country of citizenship of the registrant may invalidate the registration.
(d) The carrier temporarily or permanently ceases operations.
(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 3024-0051)
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