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§ 399.35
Special tariff permission.
(a) Definition. As used in this section, to grant STP means to approve a carrier's application for Special Tariff Permission to file a tariff on less than the statutory notice set forth in § 221.160(a) of this chapter.
(b) Lower fares, rates, and charges. It is the policy of the Board to grant STP for tariffs that state lower fares, rates, or charges and any rules affecting only those lower fares, rates, or charges, except that:
(1) The Board will not grant STP to match a tariff filed on statutory notice; and
(2) The Board will not grant STP if the proposed fares, rates, charges, or rules raise significant questions of lawfulness, that is, could reasonably be expected to be found unjust or unreasonable, unjustly discriminatory, unduly preferential, unduly prejudicial, or predatory, under current statutory or Board guidelines. In these situations, if the carrier files the tariff on statutory notice and at the same time applies for STP to advance the tariff's effective date, the Board will use its best efforts to act within 15 days to grant or deny STP.
(c) Higher fares or rates. For tariffs that state higher fares or rates, and any rules affecting only those fares or rates, the Board's policy on STP is, except in unusual or emergency circumstances:
(1) To grant STP if the resulting fares or rates are within a statutory or Board-established zone of fare or rate flexibility; and
(2) Otherwise, to deny STP.
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