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§ 431.37
Mission readiness.
(a) Mission readiness requirements. An applicant shall submit the following procedures for verifying mission readiness:
(1) Mission readiness review procedures that involve the applicant's vehicle safety operations personnel, and launch site and reentry site personnel involved in the mission. The procedures shall ensure a mission readiness review is conducted during which the designated individual responsible for the conduct of licensed activities under § 431.33(b) is provided with the following information to make a judgment as to mission readiness—
(i) Readiness of the RLV including safety-critical systems and payload for launch and reentry flight;
(ii) Readiness of the launch site, personnel, and safety-related launch property and launch services to be provided by the launch site;
(iii) Readiness of the reentry site, personnel, and safety-related property and services for reentry flight and vehicle recovery;
(iv) Readiness of vehicle safety operations personnel to support mission flight, including results of dress rehearsals and simulations conducted in accordance with paragraph (a)(4) of this section;
(v) Mission rules and constraints, including contingency abort plans and procedures, if any, as required under § 431.39;
(vi) Unresolved safety issues identified during the mission readiness review and plans for addressing them; and
(vii) Any additional safety information required by the individual designated under § 431.33(b) to determine launch and reentry readiness.
(2) Procedures that ensure mission constraints, rules, contingency abort and emergency abort procedures are listed and consolidated in a safety directive or notebook approved by the person designated by the applicant under § 431.33(b), the launch site operator, and the reentry site operator, if any;
(3) Procedures that ensure currency and consistency of licensee, launch site operator, and reentry site operator checklists;
(4) Dress rehearsal procedures that—
(i) Ensure crew readiness under nominal and non-nominal flight conditions;
(ii) Contain criteria for determining whether to dispense with or add one or more dress rehearsals; and
(iii) Verify currency and consistency of licensee, launch site operator, and reentry site operator checklists; and
(5) Procedures for ensuring the licensee's vehicle safety operations personnel adhere to crew rest rules of this part.
(b) [Reserved]