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§ 302.207
Cases to be decided on written submissions.
(a) Applications under this subpart will be decided on the basis of written submissions unless the DOT decisionmaker, on petition as provided in § 302.208 or on his or her own initiative, determines that an oral presentation or an administrative law judge's decision is required because:
(1) Use of written procedures will prejudice a party;
(2) Material issues of decisional fact cannot adequately be resolved without oral evidentiary hearing procedures; or
(3) Assignment of an application for oral evidentiary hearing procedures or an initial or recommended decision by an administrative law judge is otherwise required by the public interest.
(b) The standards employed in deciding cases under § 302.210(a)(1) or (5) shall be the same as the standards applied in cases decided under § 302.210(a)(4). These are the standards set forth in the Statute as interpreted and expanded upon under that Statute.