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§ 193.5
How may I submit safety or security information and have it protected from disclosure?
(a) You may do so under a program under this part. The program may be developed based on your proposal, a proposal from another person, or a proposal developed by the FAA.
(b) You may be any person, including an individual, a company, or an organization.
(c) You may propose to develop a program under this part using either the notice procedure in § 193.11 or the no-notice procedure in § 193.13.
(d) If the FAA decides to protect the information that you propose to submit it issues an order designating the information as protected under this part.
(e) The FAA only issues an order designating information as protected if the FAA makes the findings in § 193.7.
(f) The designation may be for a program in which all similar persons may participate, or for a program in which only you submit information.
(g) Even if you receive protection from disclosure under this part, this part does not establish the extent to which the FAA may or may not use the information to take enforcement action. Limits on enforcement action applicable to a program under this part will be in another policy or rule.