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§ 34.11
Standard for fuel venting emissions.
(a) No fuel venting emissions shall be discharged into the atmosphere from any new or in-use aircraft gas turbine engine subject to the subpart. This paragraph is directed at the elimination of intentional discharge to the atmosphere of fuel drained from fuel nozzle manifolds after engines are shut down and does not apply to normal fuel seepage from shaft seals, joints, and fittings.
(b) Conformity with the standard set forth in paragraph (a) of this section shall be determined by inspection of the method designed to eliminate these emissions.
(c) As applied to an airframe or an engine, any manufacturer or operator may show compliance with the fuel venting and emissions requirements of this section that were effective beginning February 1, 1974 or January 1, 1975, by any means that prevents the intentional discharge of fuel from fuel nozzle manifolds after the engines are shut down. Acceptable means of compliance include one of the following:
(1) Incorporation of an FAA-approved system that recirculates the fuel back into the fuel system.
(2) Capping or securing the pressurization and drain valve.
(3) Manually draining the fuel from a holding tank into a container.