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§ 382.99
What agreements must carriers have with the airports they serve?
(a) As a carrier, you must negotiate in good faith with the airport operator of each U.S. airport described in § 382.95(b) to ensure the provision of lifts for boarding and deplaning where level-entry loading bridges are not available.
(b) You must have a written, signed agreement with the airport operator allocating responsibility for meeting the boarding and deplaning assistance requirements of this subpart between or among the parties. For foreign carriers, with respect to all covered aircraft, this requirement becomes effective May 13, 2010.
(c) For foreign carriers, the agreement with a U.S. airport must provide that all actions necessary to ensure accessible boarding and deplaning for passengers with a disability are completed as soon as practicable, but no later than May 13, 2011.
(d) Under the agreement, you may, as a carrier, require that passengers wishing to receive boarding and deplaning assistance requiring the use of a lift for a flight check in for the flight one hour before the standard check-in time for the flight. If the passenger checks in after this time, you must nonetheless provide the boarding and deplaning assistance by lift if you can do so by making a reasonable effort, without delaying the flight.
(e) The agreement must ensure that all lifts and other accessibility equipment are maintained in proper working condition.
(f) All carriers and airport operators involved are jointly and severally responsible for the timely and complete implementation of the agreement.
(g) You must make a copy of this agreement available, on request, to representatives of the Department of Transportation.
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