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§ 435.35
Acceptable reusable launch vehicle risk.
To obtain safety approval for reentry, an applicant must demonstrate the following for public risk:
(a) The risk to the collective members of the public from the proposed launch meets the public risk criteria of § 417.107(b)(1) of this chapter;
(b) The risk level to the collective members of the public, excluding persons in water-borne vessels and aircraft, from each proposed reentry does not exceed an expected number of 1 × 10−4 casualties from impacting inert and explosive debris and toxic release associated with the reentry; and
(c) The risk level to an individual does not exceed 1 × 10−6 probability of casualty per mission.
[Docket No. FAA-2014-0418, Amdt. No. 435-3, 81 FR 47027, July 20, 2016]