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§ 25.772
Pilot compartment doors.
For an airplane that has a lockable door installed between the pilot compartment and the passenger compartment:
(a) For airplanes with a maximum passenger seating configuration of more than 20 seats, the emergency exit configuration must be designed so that neither crewmembers nor passengers require use of the flightdeck door in order to reach the emergency exits provided for them; and
(b) Means must be provided to enable flight crewmembers to directly enter the passenger compartment from the pilot compartment if the cockpit door becomes jammed.
(c) There must be an emergency means to enable a flight attendant to enter the pilot compartment in the event that the flightcrew becomes incapacitated.
[Doc. No. 24344, 55 FR 29777, July 20, 1990, as amended by Amdt. 25-106, 67 FR 2127, Jan. 15, 2002]