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§ 217.6
Extension of filing time.
(a) If circumstances prevent the filing of a Schedule T-100(f) report on or before the due date prescribed in section 22 of part 241 of this chapter and the appendix to § 217.10 of this part, a request for an extension must be filed with the Director, Office of Airline Information.
(b) The extension request must be received at the address provided in § 217.10 at least 3 days in advance of the due date, and must set forth reasons to justify granting an extension, and the date when the report can be filed. If a request is denied, the air carrier must submit the required report within 5 days of its receipt of the denial of extension.
[53 FR 46294, Nov. 16, 1988, as amended at 60 FR 66722, Dec. 26, 1995]