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§ 21.616
Responsibility of holder.
Each holder of a TSO authorization must—
(a) Amend the document required by § 21.605 as necessary to reflect changes in the organization and provide these amendments to the FAA.
(b) Maintain a quality system in compliance with the data and procedures approved for the TSO authorization;
(c) Ensure that each manufactured article conforms to its approved design, is in a condition for safe operation, and meets the applicable TSO;
(d) Mark the TSO article for which an approval has been issued. Marking must be in accordance with part 45 of this chapter, including any critical parts;
(e) Identify any portion of the TSO article (e.g., sub-assemblies, component parts, or replacement articles) that leave the manufacturer's facility as FAA approved with the manufacturer's part number and name, trademark, symbol, or other FAA approved manufacturer's identification;
(f) Have access to design data necessary to determine conformity and airworthiness for each article produced under the TSO authorization. The manufacturer must retain this data until it no longer manufactures the article. At that time, copies of the data must be sent to the FAA;
(g) Retain its TSO authorization and make it available to the FAA upon request; and
(h) Make available to the FAA information regarding all delegation of authority to suppliers.