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§ 417.403
(a) Public safety. A launch operator must ensure that each hazard control is in place to protect the public from each potential hazard associated with launch processing and post-launch operations.
(b) Ground safety analysis. A launch operator must perform and document a ground safety analysis that satisfies § 417.405 and appendix J of this part.
(c) Local agreements. A launch operator must coordinate and perform launch processing and post-launch operations that satisfy local agreements to ensure the responsibilities and requirements in this part and § 420.57 of this chapter are met. A launch operator, when using a launch site of a licensed launch site operator, must coordinate the launch operator's operations with the launch site operator and with any agreements that the launch site operator has with local authorities that form a basis for the launch site operator's license.
(d) Launch operator's exclusive use of a launch site. For a launch conducted from a launch site exclusive to its own use, a launch operator must satisfy the requirements of this subpart and of part 420 of this chapter, including subpart D of part 420.