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§ 298.52
Air taxi operations by commuter air carriers.
(a) A commuter air carrier that holds an effective Commuter Air Carrier Authorization and otherwise meets the requirements of this part is also authorized to conduct air taxi operations (e.g., scheduled cargo, mail under a U.S. Postal Service contract, on-demand passenger, on-demand cargo, or other service such as air ambulance operations, firefighting or seasonal operations) without having to meet the registration requirements of subpart C of this part, except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section.
(b) Should a commuter air carrier cease conducting all scheduled passenger operations and its Commuter Air Carrier Authorization is suspended pursuant to §§ 298.53 and/or 204.7 of this chapter, it may continue to conduct air taxi operations provided that the carrier maintains in effect liability insurance coverage as required for such operations by part 205 of this chapter and, within 10 days of the cessation of scheduled passenger operations, registers as an air taxi operator in accordance with subpart C of this part; and provided further that the carrier continues to hold authority from the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct such air taxi operations.