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Pt. 151, App. A
Appendix A to Part 151
There is set forth below an itemization of typical eligible and ineligible items of land acquisition as covered by § 151.73:

Typical Eligible Items

1. Land for:
(a) Initial acquisition for entire airport developments, including building areas as delineated on the approved airport layout plan.
(b) Expansion of airport facilities.
(c) Clear zones at ends of eligible runways.
(d) Approach lights (land for ALS eligible for 75 percent participation will be limited to an area 3200′ × 400′ for a Standard ALS and to an area 1700′ × 400′ for a short ALS located symmetrically about the runway centerline extended, beginning at the end of the runway).
(e) Approach protection.
(f) Airport utilities.
2. Easements for:
(a) Use of air space by aircraft.
(b) Storm-water run-off.
(c) Powerlines to serve offsite obstruction lights.
(d) Airport utilities.
3. Extinguishment of easements which interfere with airport development.

Typical Ineligible Items

1. Land required only for:
(a) Industrial and other non-airport purposes.
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