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§ 34.2
The abbreviations used in this part have the following meanings in both upper and lower case:
CO2 Carbon dioxide
CO Carbon monoxide
EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency
FAA Federal Aviation Administration, United States Department of Transportation
g Gram(s)
HC Hydrocarbon(s)
HP Horsepower
hr Hour(s)
H20 water
kg Kilogram(s)
kJ Kilojoule(s)
kN Kilonewton(s)
kW Kilowatt(s)
lb Pound(s)
LTO Landing and takeoff
min Minute(s)
NOX Oxides of nitrogen
Pa Pascal(s)
rO Rated output
rPR Rated pressure ratio
sec Second(s)
SP Shaft power
SN Smoke number
T Temperature, degrees Kelvin
TIM Time in mode
°C Degrees Celsius
% Percent
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