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§ 151.73
Land acquisition.
(a) The acquisition of land or any interest therein, or of any easement or other interest in airspace, is eligible for inclusion in a project if it was made after May 13, 1946, and is necessary—
(1) To allow the initial development of the airport;
(2) For improvement indicated in the current National Airport Plan;
(3) For ultimate development of the airport, as indicated in the current approved airport layout plan to the extent consistent with the National Airport Plan;
(4) For approach protection meeting the standards of § 77.23 as applied to §§ 77.25 and 77.27 of this chapter;
(5) To allow installing an ALS (as described in § 151.13), in which case the costs of acquiring land needed for it are eligible for 75 percent United States participation if the need is shown in the National Airport Plan, based on the best information available to the FAA for the forecast period;
(6) To allow proper use, operation, or maintenance of the airport as a public facility, including offsite lands needed for locating necessary parts of the utility systems serving the airport;
(7) To allow installing navigational aids by the FAA, if the land is within the airport boundaries; or
(8) To allow relocation of navigational aids.
(b) Appendix A of this part sets forth typical eligible and ineligible items of land acquisition as covered by this section.
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