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§ 385.4
Form of staff action.
Unless otherwise specified, staff action shall be by order or informal writing (letters, telegrams, decision marked on copy of application form, etc.). Such orders or informal writings shall contain a recital that action is taken pursuant to authority assigned herein, shall, in cases where there are “parties or interveners,” or where there may be an adverse effect upon a person with a substantial interest, contain a brief reference to the right of aggrieved parties to petition the Reviewing Official for review pursuant to applicable procedural rules, including a statement of the time within which petitions must be filed (§ 385.51); shall state whether the filing of a petition shall preclude the action from becoming effective; and shall be in the name of the person exercising the assigned function. They shall contain all findings, determinations and conclusions which would be required or appropriate if they were issued by the Secretary. Upon request, the appropriate Department Official shall attest as Departmental action orders or informal writings issued pursuant to this part which have become the action of the Department (§ 385.52).
[Doc. No. T-1, 49 FR 50985, Dec. 31, 1984; Amdt. 1, 50 FR 7170, Feb. 21, 1985]