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§ 399.2
The following types of policies are generally not included in this part:
(a) Policies relating solely to the internal management of the Board;
(b) Policies requiring secrecy in the public interest or in the interest of national defense;
(c) Policies that are repetitive of section 102 of the Act;
(d) Policies that are fully expressed in a procedural or substantive rule of the Board, or in any opinion, decision, order, certificate, permit, exemption, or waiver of the Board;
(e) Expressions of encouragement or admonition to industry to follow a certain course of action;
(f) Positions on legislative items and on other matters that are outside the scope of the Board's current statutory powers and duties.
[PS-21, 29 FR 1446, Jan. 29, 1964, as amended by PS-63, 40 FR 6643, Feb. 13, 1975]