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§ 218.3
Prohibition against unauthorized operations employing aircraft leased with crew.
(a) No foreign air carrier, or other person not a citizen of the United States, shall lease an aircraft with crew to a foreign air carrier for use by the latter in performing foreign air transportation unless either:
(1) The lessor holds a foreign air carrier permit issued under section 402 of the Act or an approved registration issued under part 294 of this chapter, and any statement of authorization required by part 212 of this chapter; or
(2) The Board has issued an exemption under section 416 of the Act specifically authorizing the lessor to engage in the foreign air transportation to be performed under the lease; or
(3) The Board has issued an order under § 218.6 disclaiming jurisdiction over the matter.
(b) For purposes of this part, an aircraft shall be considered to be leased with crew if:
(1) The pilot in command or a majority of the crew of the aircraft, other than cabin attendants:
(i) Is to be furnished by the lessor;
(ii) Is employed by the lessor;
(iii) Continues in the employ of the lessor in the operation of services other than those provided for in the agreement between the parties; or
(iv) Has been employed by the lessor prior to the lease, and the employment of whom by the lessee is coextensive with the period or periods for which the aircraft is available to the lessee under the lease; or
(2) The aircraft is operated under operations specifications issued to the lessor by the Federal Aviation Administration.
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