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§ 302.202
Contents of applications.
(a) Certificate applications filed under this subpart shall contain the information required by part 201 of this chapter and, where applicable, part 204 of this chapter, and foreign air carrier permit applications shall contain the information required by part 211 of this chapter, along with any other information that the applicant desires the Department to notice officially.
(b) Applications shall include a notice on the cover page stating that any person may support or oppose the application by filing an answer and serving a copy of the answer on all persons served with the application. The notice shall also state the due date for answers. Amendments to applications will be considered new applications for the purpose of calculating the time limitations of this subsection.
(c) Applications shall include a list of the names and addresses of all persons who have been served in accordance with § 302.203.
(d) Where required, each application shall be accompanied by an Energy Statement in conformity with part 313 of this chapter.