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§ 25.1587
Performance information.
(a) Each Airplane Flight Manual must contain information to permit conversion of the indicated temperature to free air temperature if other than a free air temperature indicator is used to comply with the requirements of § 25.1303(a)(1).
(b) Each Airplane Flight Manual must contain the performance information computed under the applicable provisions of this part (including §§ 25.115, 25.123, and 25.125 for the weights, altitudes, temperatures, wind components, and runway gradients, as applicable) within the operational limits of the airplane, and must contain the following:
(1) In each case, the conditions of power, configuration, and speeds, and the procedures for handling the airplane and any system having a significant effect on the performance information.
(2) VSR determined in accordance with § 25.103.
(3) The following performance information (determined by extrapolation and computed for the range of weights between the maximum landing weight and the maximum takeoff weight):
(i) Climb in the landing configuration.
(ii) Climb in the approach configuration.
(iii) Landing distance.
(4) Procedures established under § 25.101(f) and (g) that are related to the limitations and information required by § 25.1533 and by this paragraph (b) in the form of guidance material, including any relevant limitations or information.
(5) An explanation of significant or unusual flight or ground handling characteristics of the airplane.
(6) Corrections to indicated values of airspeed, altitude, and outside air temperature.
(7) An explanation of operational landing runway length factors included in the presentation of the landing distance, if appropriate.
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