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§ 158.35
Extension of time to submit application to use PFC revenue.
(a) A public agency may request an extension of time to submit an application to use PFC revenue after approval of an application to impose PFC's. At least 30 days prior to submitting such request, the public agency shall publish notice of its intention to request an extension in a local newspaper of general circulation and shall request comments. The notice shall include progress on the project, a revised schedule for obtaining project approval and reasons for the delay in submitting the application.
(b) The request shall be submitted at least 120 days prior to the charge expiration date and, unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, shall be accompanied by the following:
(1) A description of progress on the project application to date.
(2) A revised schedule for submitting the application.
(3) An explanation of the reasons for delay in submitting the application.
(4) A summary financial report depicting the total amount of PFC revenue collected plus interest, the projected amount to be collected during the period of the requested extension, and any public agency funds used on the project for which reimbursement may be sought.
(5) A summary of any further consultation with air carriers and foreign air carriers operating at the airport.
(6) A summary of comments received in response to the local notice.
(c) The Administrator reviews the request for extension and accompanying information, to determine whether—
(1) The public agency has shown good cause for the delay in applying for project approval;
(2) The revised schedule is satisfactory; and
(3) Further collection will not result in excessive accumulation of PFC revenue.
(d) The Administrator, upon determining that the agency has shown good cause for the delay and that other elements of the request are satisfactory, grants the request for extension to the public agency. The Administrator advises the public agency in writing not more than 90 days after receipt of the request. The duration of the extension shall be as specified in § 158.33 of this part.