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§ 221.201
Statement of filing with foreign governments to be shown in air carrier's tariff filings.
(a) Every electronic tariff filed by or on behalf of an air carrier that contains fares which, by international convention or agreement entered into between any other country and the United States, are required to be filed with that country, shall include the following statement:
The rates, fares, charges, classifications, rules, regulations, practices, and services provided herein have been filed in each country in which filing is required by treaty, convention, or agreement entered into between that country and the United States, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable treaty, convention, or agreement.
(b) The statement referenced in § 221.201(a) may be included with each filing advice by the inclusion of a symbol which is properly explained.
(c) The required symbol may be omitted from an electronic tariff or portion thereof if the tariff publication that has been filed with any other country pursuant to its tariff regulations bears a tariff filing designation of that country in addition to the D.O.T. number appearing on the tariff.