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§ 161.415
Reevaluation action.
(a) Upon completing the reevaluation, the FAA will issue appropriate orders regarding whether or not there is substantial evidence that the restriction meets the criteria in § 161.305 of this part.
(b) If the FAA's reevaluation confirms that the restriction meets the criteria, the restriction may remain as previously agreed to or approved. If the FAA's reevaluation concludes that the restriction does not meet the criteria, the FAA will withdraw a previous approval of the restriction issued under subpart D of this part to the extent necessary to bring the restriction into compliance with this part or, with respect to a restriction agreed to under subpart B of this part, the FAA will specify which criteria are not met.
(c) The FAA will publish a notice of its reevaluation findings in the Federal Register and notify in writing the aircraft operator that petitioned the FAA for reevaluation and the affected airport operator.