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§ 302.601
(a) This subpart contains the specific rules that apply to a complaint filed by one or more air carriers or foreign air carriers (“carriers”), pursuant to 49 U.S.C. 47129(a), for a determination of the reasonableness of a fee increase or a newly established fee for aeronautical uses that is imposed upon the carrier by the owner or operator of an airport. This subpart also applies to requests by the owner or operator of an airport for such a determination. An airport owner or operator is considered to have imposed a fee on a carrier when it has taken all steps necessary under its procedures to establish the fee, whether or not the fee is being collected or carriers are currently required to pay it.
(b) This subpart does not apply to—
(1) A fee imposed pursuant to a written agreement with a carrier using the facilities of an airport;
(2) A fee imposed pursuant to a financing agreement or covenant entered into prior to August 23, 1994, or
(3) Any other existing fee not in dispute as of August 23, 1994.
(c) Except as modified by this subpart, the provisions of subpart A of this part apply.