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§ 151.95
Fences; distance markers; navigational and landing aids; and offsite work.
(a) Boundary or perimeter fences for security purposes are eligible for inclusion in a project.
(b) A blast fence is eligible for inclusion in a project whenever—
(1) It is necessary for safety at a runway end or a holding area near the end of a runway and its installation would be more economical than the acquiring of additional property interests; or
(2) Its installation for safety at a turbojet-passenger gate will result in less separation being needed for gate positions, thereby reducing the need for apron expansion, and it is more economical to build the fence than to expand the apron.
(c) The eligibility of runway distance markers for inclusion in a project is decided on a case-by-case basis.
(d) The relocation of navigational aids is eligible for inclusion in a proj- ect whenever necessitated by development on the airport under a Program project and the sponsor is responsible under FAA Order OA 6030.1 (Agency Order 53).
(e) The installation of any of the following landing aids is eligible for inclusion in a project:
(1) Segmented circle.
(2) Wind and landing direction indicators.
(3) Boundary markers.
(f) The initial marking of runway and taxiway systems is eligible for inclusion in a project. The remarking of existing runways or taxiways is eligible if—
(1) Present marking is obsolete under current FAA standards; or
(2) Present marking is obliterated by construction, alteration or repair work included in a FAAP project or by the required routing of construction equipment used therein.
However, apron marking that is not allied with runway and taxiway marking systems, is not eligible.
(g) The following offsite work performed outside of the boundaries of an airport or airport site is eligible for inclusion in a project:
(1) Removal of obstruction as provided in § 151.91.
(2) Outfall drainage ditches, and the correction of any damage resulting from their construction.
(3) Relocating of roads and utilities that are airport hazards as defined in § 151.39(b).
(4) Clearing, grading, and grubbing to allow installing of navigational aids.
(5) Constructing and installing utilities.
(6) Lighting of obstructions.
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