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§ 417.19
Registration of space objects.
(a) To assist the U.S. Government in implementing Article IV of the 1975 Convention on Registration of Objects Launched into Outer Space, each launch operator must provide to the FAA the information required by paragraph (b) of this section for all objects placed in space by a licensed launch, including a launch vehicle and any components, except:
(1) Any object owned and registered by the U.S. Government; and
(2) Any object owned by a foreign entity.
(b) For each object that must be registered in accordance with this section, not later than 30 days following the conduct of a licensed launch, an operator must file the following information:
(1) The international designator of the space object(s);
(2) Date and location of launch;
(3) General function of the space object; and
(4) Final orbital parameters, including:
(i) Nodal period;
(ii) Inclination;
(iii) Apogee; and
(iv) Perigee.