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§ 221.81
Suspension supplement.
(a) Suspension supplement. Upon receipt of an order of the Department suspending any tariff publication in part or in its entirety, the carrier or agent who issued such tariff publication shall immediately issue and file with the Department a consecutively numbered supplement for the purpose of announcing such suspension.
(b) The suspension supplement shall not contain an effective date and it shall contain the suspension notice required by paragraph (c) of this section.
(c) Suspension notice. The suspension supplement shall contain a prominent notice of suspension which shall:
(1) Indicate what particular fares, charges, or other tariff provisions are under suspension,
(2) State the date to which such tariff matter is suspended,
(3) State the Department's docket number and order number which suspended such tariff matter, and
(4) Give specific reference to the tariffs (specifying their D.O.T. or other identifying numbers), original or revised records and paragraphs or provisions which contain the fares, charges, or other tariff provisions continued in effect.