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§ 385.3
Scope of staff action.
Applications for relief which, pursuant to this part, may be granted by staff members under assigned authority, and proceedings on such requests shall be governed by applicable rules in the same manner as if no assignment had been made (see § 385.5). In such proceedings, each staff member may determine any procedural matters which may arise, including, inter alia, service of documents on additional persons; filing of otherwise unauthorized documents; waivers of procedural requirements; requests for hearing; requests for additional information; dismissal of applications upon the applicant's request, moot applications, or incomplete or otherwise defective applications; and extensions of time. Such determinations, except those which would terminate the matter, shall be subject to review only in connection with review of the staff member's decision on the merits. The dismissal of incomplete or otherwise defective applications under authority set forth in this part shall be without prejudice except where under otherwise applicable law the time for making application has run out or where the defect is not corrected within a reasonable time fixed by the staff member. Under the authority assigned to the staff as set forth in this part to approve, disapprove, grant, or deny, relief may be granted or denied in part and grants may be made subject to lawful and reasonable conditions. Moreover, where applicable, the authority to grant relief also includes authority to renew or extend an existing authorization.
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