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§ 25.689
Cable systems.
(a) Each cable, cable fitting, turnbuckle, splice, and pulley must be approved. In addition—
(1) No cable smaller than 18 inch in diameter may be used in the aileron, elevator, or rudder systems; and
(2) Each cable system must be designed so that there will be no hazardous change in cable tension throughout the range of travel under operating conditions and temperature variations.
(b) Each kind and size of pulley must correspond to the cable with which it is used. Pulleys and sprockets must have closely fitted guards to prevent the cables and chains from being displaced or fouled. Each pulley must lie in the plane passing through the cable so that the cable does not rub against the pulley flange.
(c) Fairleads must be installed so that they do not cause a change in cable direction of more than three degrees.
(d) Clevis pins subject to load or motion and retained only by cotter pins may not be used in the control system.
(e) Turnbuckles must be attached to parts having angular motion in a manner that will positively prevent binding throughout the range of travel.
(f) There must be provisions for visual inspection of fairleads, pulleys, terminals, and turnbuckles.