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§ 29.1333
Instrument systems.
For systems that operate the required flight instruments which are located at each pilot's station, the following apply:
(a) Only the required flight instruments for the first pilot may be connected to that operating system.
(b) The equipment, systems, and installations must be designed so that one display of the information essential to the safety of flight which is provided by the flight instruments remains available to a pilot, without additional crewmember action, after any single failure or combination of failures that are not shown to be extremely improbable.
(c) Additional instruments, systems, or equipment may not be connected to the operating system for a second pilot unless provisions are made to ensure the continued normal functioning of the required flight instruments in the event of any malfunction of the additional instruments, systems, or equipment which is not shown to be extremely improbable.
[Amdt. 29-24, 49 FR 44439, Nov. 6, 1984]