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§ 152.213
Grant closeout requirements.
(a) Program income. Sponsors or planning agencies that are units of local government shall return all interest earned on advances of grant-in-aid funds to the Federal Government in accordance with a decision of the Comptroller General (42 Comp. Gen. 289). All other program income (gross income) earned by grant-supported activities during the grant period shall be retained by the sponsor and, if required by the grant agreement—
(1) Be added to funds committed to the project by the FAA and the sponsor and used to further eligible program objectives; or
(2) Be deducted from the total project cost for the purpose of determining the net costs on which the Federal share of costs will be based.
(b) Financial reports. The sponsor or planning agency shall furnish, within 90 days after completion of all items in a grant, all reports, including financial performance reports, required as a condition of the grant.
(c) Project completion. When the project for airport development or planning is completed in accordance with the grant agreement, the sponsor or planning agency may apply for payment for all incurred costs, as follows:
(1) Airport development. When allowability of costs can be determined under § 152.203, payment may be made to the sponsor if—
(i) A final inspection of all work at the airport site has been made jointly by the appropriate FAA office and representatives of the sponsor and the contractor, unless that office agrees to a different procedure for final inspection; and
(ii) The sponsor has furnished final “as constructed” plans, unless otherwise agreed to by the Administrator.
(2) Airport planning. When the final planning report has been received and accepted by the FAA.
(d) Property accounting reports: Airport development projects. The sponsor of an airport development project shall account for any property acquired with grant funds or received from the United States, in accordance with the provisions of Attachment N of Office of Management and Budget Circular A-102 (42 FR 45828).
(e) Final determination of U.S. share. Based upon an audit or other information considered sufficient in lieu of an audit, the Administrator determines the total amount of the allowable project costs and makes settlement for any adjustments to the Federal share of costs.