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§ 125.27
Issue of certificate.
(a) An applicant for a certificate under this subpart is entitled to a certificate if the Administrator finds that the applicant is properly and adequately equipped and able to conduct a safe operation in accordance with the requirements of this part and the operations specifications provided for in this part.
(b) The Administrator may deny an application for a certificate under this subpart if the Administrator finds—
(1) That an operating certificate required under this part or part 121, 123, or 135 of this chapter previously issued to the applicant was revoked; or
(2) That a person who was employed in a management position under § 125.25 of this part with (or has exercised control with respect to) any certificate holder under part 121, 123, 125, or 135 of this chapter whose operating certificate has been revoked, will be employed in any of those positions or a similar position with the applicant and that the person's employment or control contributed materially to the reasons for revoking that certificate.