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§ 171.207
Performance requirements.
(a) VHF Marker Beacons must meet the performance requirements set forth in the “International Standards and Recommended Practices, Aeronautical Telecommunications, Part I, paragraphs 3.1.6 and 3.6.” (Annex 10 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation) except those portions that pertain to identification. Identification of a marker beacon (75 MHz) must be in accordance with “U.S. Standard Flight Inspection Manual,” § 219.
(b) The facility must perform in accordance with recognized and accepted good electronic engineering practices for the desired service. The facility must be checked periodically during the in-service test evaluation period for calibration and stability. These tests and ground tests of the marker radiation characteristics must be conducted in accordance with the maintenance manual required by § 171.211(b).
(c) It must be shown during ground inspection of the design features of the equipment that there will not be conditions that will allow unsafe operations because of component failure or deterioration.
(d) Flight inspection to determine the adequacy of the facility's operational performance and compliance with applicable “Standards and Recommended Practices” are conducted in accordance with the “U.S. Standard Flight Inspection Manual.” The original test is made by the Federal Aviation Administration and later tests must be made under arrangements, satisfactory to the Federal Aviation Administration, that are made by the owner.