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§ 380.20
Relief from the Statute.
(a) To the extent necessary to permit them to organize and arrange public charters, charter operators and foreign charter operators are hereby relieved from the following provisions of Subtitle VII of Title 49 of the U.S. Code, only if and so long as they comply with the provisions and the conditions imposed by this part:
(1) Chapter 411.
(2) Chapter 413.
(3) Chapter 415.
(4) Chapter 419.
(5) If foreign charter operators receive interstate air transportation rights, any other provision of the statute that would otherwise prohibit them from organizing and arranging Public Charters in interstate air transportation.
(b) A charter operator who is a citizen of the United States shall not be subject to the following requirements with respect to Public Charters that originate in a foreign country: §§ 380.25, 380.28, and 380.30 through 380.35.