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§ 139.313
Snow and ice control.
(a) As determined by the Administrator, each certificate holder whose airport is located where snow and icing conditions occur must prepare, maintain, and carry out a snow and ice control plan in a manner authorized by the Administrator.
(b) The snow and ice control plan required by this section must include, at a minimum, instructions and procedures for—
(1) Prompt removal or control, as completely as practical, of snow, ice, and slush on each movement area;
(2) Positioning snow off the movement area surfaces so all air carrier aircraft propellers, engine pods, rotors, and wing tips will clear any snowdrift and snowbank as the aircraft's landing gear traverses any portion of the movement area;
(3) Selection and application of authorized materials for snow and ice control to ensure that they adhere to snow and ice sufficiently to minimize engine ingestion;
(4) Timely commencement of snow and ice control operations; and
(5) Prompt notification, in accordance with § 139.339, of all air carriers using the airport when any portion of the movement area normally available to them is less than satisfactorily cleared for safe operation by their aircraft.
(c) FAA Advisory Circulars contain methods and procedures for snow and ice control equipment, materials, and removal that are acceptable to the Administrator.